Projekce pro Ukrajinu

Projekce pro Ukrajinu

Dokumentární, Drama • Ukrajina •

68 min

Anglické titulky

Přístupnost od 12 let


24. 2. 2024


V rámci podpory pro Ukrajinu bychom vám rádi představili dva krátké snímky. Oba filmy jsou debutem ukrajinské režisérky Marie Tatarinové a kazašského režiséra Meiirbeka Narimana. Oba filmy uvidíte v originálním jazyce s anglickými titulky.

Peníze vybrané za dobrovolné vstupné budou putovat na podporu Ukrajiny.

Three months with Kira:
The story in three lines unveils around 25 year old girl Kira who was affected by the Russian aggresion towards Ukraine. The movie shows Kira's family life with her husband Denis before the war, her life in a new country during the war, her thoughts, memories and reflections. Her fears are metaphorically shown in surrealistic images of the bloody war. These scenes are inspired by Magritte's paintings with head wrapped in white and red cloths.

Everything will be shown through one Ukrainian family. This is a small true-based story that has a big importance and understanding of consequences of this war. It should evoke an emotion, empathy and hidden human feelings. War unrevels the most dark spots in one, but it also opens humanness in another people.

H.O.M.E. Due to the Wikipedia, it’s a building intended for living.
And what is home for you? Currently, it is very difficult to pull yourself together and
understand the real meaning of this word. Why did you think a year ago that home is where
are your people? And now... now you don't even understand where it is.
Abroad is about uncertainty, about a constant feeling of guilt and an uncontrollable desire
to return... But where? It's like you're stuck in the vertical, and you don't know what's going
to happen next. And is it even possible to wish for something now?
H.O.M.E. Four letters. One word. War. Thousands of confusing and incomprehensible
emotions that you feel for the first time.
The paradox is that you had to lose everything to find these four letters in yourself, and
that it was the war that made it possible to understand the real value of this word.

Theproject wascreatedby a team ofUkrainian students wholeftthecountry duetothe war, as
partoftheirstudies atthetheaterfaculty attheJanáček Academy of MusicPerforming Arts (Brno,
Czech Republic) andfinancilaly supportedby TheatreFaculty JAMU.

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