Lost Stars

Lost Stars

• • 2020

75 min

Anglické titulky

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30. 9. 2022


After the film there will be a discussion with the filmmaker.

Houman Mirrafati was born in Iran and has been living in Berlin, Germany since 1992.
The documentary portrays the story of his military service during the Iran Iraq war (1980
-1988), his captivity at the Iraqi prisons, what happened to him when he returned to Iran,
and what spurred him to finally leave his homeland and move to Germany.
In 1984, when the Iran-Iraq war was in full swing, a soldier who was serving his duty to
defend his homeland, was captured by Iraqi forces and then, he spent five years in
the prisons of Iraq. He underwent torture, severe mental and physical pain and
suffering, sustained injuries.
These persecutions sparked a sense of suspicion and disbelief in Houman, making him
question his belief in God and universe, and subsequently pushing him to hate religion
of any kind. Later he finds peace in humanity in a liberal world.
After the end of the war, he returns to Iran, but now - in his home country - he
faces other kind of oppression. Facing with tremendous stress and strains in Iran, he
leaves the country and crosses illegally into Germany. 
With bitter memories of war and captivity heavy on his mind, his life took a different turn
in Germany. Helping out refugees and asylum-seekers, doing voluntary jobs in
humanitarian aid agencies and raising awareness in communities by reading out
highlights of his books, transforms his character from a war captive into a dramatically
different person.

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