Once Upon a Time in Serbia

Bilo jednom u Srbiji

Drama, Komedie • • 2022

135 min

Anglické titulky


15. 5. 2022


During and after World War II, two young men and two young ladies had very different destinies. Dine was taken to Paris by the Allies where he learned how beautiful life can be under the bright lights of a Metropolis. Cone, after suffering amnesia, was taken to Manchester, the industrial capital of the world where thick fabric smoke taught him how hard work pays off. Euphoric of the victory in the War and infected by the spirit of freedom and progress which they felt on the Front, they come home to their run-down hometown of Leskovac. Dine returns to his now non-existent movie theater and Cone to his fiancée, who after 5 long years of waiting has unwillingly promised her hand to a war profiteer. Cone will try to win-back his old lover, whereas Dine will seek a new one. And so begins the fight between the "old" and the "new" in every respect; since for great deeds, only a little bit of true love is necessary.

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