Drama, Životopisný • •

147 min

Anglické titulky


28. 11. 2021


"Toma" is a musical biopic about the eventful life of a legendary Yugoslav folk singer-songwriter Toma Zdravković (1938-91). From childhood to stardom, story is tracing the loves that inspired him to compose some of his greatest hits and his many friendships with people from the art world of the former Yugoslavia. Along with Toma’s life, the film traces the lives of many well-known artists from that period - Zoran
Radmilović, Mika Antić, Tozovac and others. "Toma" is a film about the man who is not only remembered for his songs but also for his bohemian lifestyle and soul. The film has two interlocking story lines. In one, set in 1991, we follow the story of patient-doctor relationship between Toma and his physician turning into a friendship. In the other, we follow Toma’s life, from his childhood in Pečenjevci, to his encounter with Silvana Armenulić which had a profound impact on his professional and personal life, helping him sour to the unimaginable heights of popularity, but also fall to the bottom of life. This is the story of a soul.

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